Syska Voskian Consulting

Corporate Chemical Compliance Systems

Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Systems &

Project Management to Select & Establish Corporate Chemical Compliance System

Many companies find they would benefit from implementing a new software system to support their work in the chemical compliance area. Drivers include Corporate Social Responsibility, increasing complexity of global regulations, new safety documents, regulatory requirements to document status of knowledge and actions taken, and the need to inform up and down in the supply chain.

Acquiring and implementing a new chemical compliance system in an organisation is a big step with many possible implications. The process and decisions have to be well thought through. There are many regulatory compliance systems offered commercially by different suppliers, ranging from regulatory databases to comprehensive systems for creating and handling hazard labels and safety data sheets (SDSs), as well as other tasks. All of these can help make compliance more efficient, accurate and consistent, but different systems have a very wide range of capabilities and costs, with the resulting risk of acquiring too much, or too little capability.

Syska Voskian Consulting has real-life, hands-on experience of analysing and recommending which level of complexity an organisation would require of a chemical compliance system and understands the benefits of a wide variety of systems. We also bring an understanding of typical “hidden costs” and less-obvious benefits of each.

Summary of our approach:

•Guide clients process to establish true needs and wants

•Manage RFP process including validation steps

•Support client’s decision process and implementation planning

(a more detailed explanation of our approach is available upon request)