Plasticisers Under REACH

Certain plasticisers- especially phthalate types- have been under increasing scrutiny and regulation over the past several years within the European Union as well as in other developed countries.   The level of study and potential for further controls on various plasticisers is continuing.

Syska Voskian have studied the broad range of phthalate and non-phthalate plasticisers that have been registered or preregistered under REACH or are otherwise mentioned under the REACH or CLP Regulation.   We recently presented a paper on the status of various phthalate and non-phthalate plasticisers under the REACH Regulation at the RAPRA ADDCom 2012 conference.   Please click here to view the paper: Plasticiser State of Play

The paper includes a excerpt of a database which Syska Voskian Consulting has developed and maintains, currently covering over 60 plasticisers, with the EC and CAS identifiers, common and trade names, REACH registration, CLP and other data, including whether subject to Authorisation, Restriction, SVHC designation, evaluation (CoRAP), etc.   Full copies of the database (in Excel format) are available for purchase, by contacting us at: Plasticiser State of Play 
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As an area of specialisation in our REACH Articles practice, Syska Voskian Consulting has a unique range of experience and expertise with the REACH Regulation, chemistry, and practical plasticiser application.     We help guide clients to understand the controls on plasticisers under REACH as applies to their products and geographic markets, and work with their formulators (or supply chain) to ensure meeting performance as well as regulatory requirements.

Summary of our approach:
Training on applicable parts of REACH
Review of current client practice and data
Review of client products and supply chains to identify priorities/vulnerabilities
Development of Action Plan for continuing compliance Plasticsers_under_REACH_files/