Syska Voskian Consulting

REACH Registration Support

Approaching the next registration deadline in 2013 for phase-in substances and with the need to register new substances before they are imported or manufactured, Syska Voskian Consulting can help companies manage their REACH registration work.

Assistance is provided in the following areas:

•Training in REACH and additional EU regulatory requirements as pertaining to our Client;

•Assist with development and recommendation of the most suitable type of registration (intermediate, PPORD, etc.) and strategy per substance; 

•Preparation of the technical dossiers for REACH registration in close cooperation with our Client’s organisation;

•Act as 3rd party representative in case of joint registrations to allow confidentiality and manage internal workload;

•Support establishment of processes to maintain compliance with REACH and other EU regulatory obligations in advance of business requirements This may include review of the capabilities of currently deployed IT systems and outlining events, triggers, data and thresholds which need to be monitored and anticipated.

(a more detailed explanation of our approach is available upon request)